Yady's Alterations brings you more than 30 years experience. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with the lowest price in the shortest time.

From custom couture to small repairs, bridesmaid's dresses to backpacks, costumes to curtains, Yady's Alteration has done it all.

Can't get the right fit? Arms are too long? Pants are too short? Just a small hole doesn't have to ruin it. That backpack would be perfect if it only had that extra feature. We have a solution to these common problems. We alter clothing and add features to equipment, returning your item with a "factory finished" look.

We have the experience to bring your items back to "good as new" status. Most zipper repairs are simple and inexpensive. We offer many alternatives for repairing rips and tears with multiple color and fabric choices. We can repair almost anything including tents, packs, parkas, pants, sleeping bags, and dry suits.

We also make dresses, pants, skirts, shirts, coats, jackets, pajamas, nighties, robes, pillows, curtains, and costumes for any event.